Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1995.
xvi, 176 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

This resource book for teachers contains an exciting collection of activities which present and practise vital grammatical content in an original way. Each game is clearly introduced with a summary specifying the area of grammar to be practised, the level it is aimed at, the time required and the material needed. The activity is then presented using a step-by-step approach. * A wealth of lively involving grammar activities reflecting humanistic and affective teaching techniques. * Nine sections offering a variety of activities to suit different learning styles. * Over 80 games for EFL students of all ages. * Ideas for using fun grammar activities in monolingual and multilingual classrooms. * Easy to follow instructions for games requiring little preparation. * Contains many photocopiable worksheets, cards and games. * Written by well-known practising EFL teachers, trainers and writers.