New Delhi, India : Satyam books pvt. ltd., [2017]
vi, 204 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

"Tilak, a wealthy young Londoner, is boiling with hatred for his alcoholic and violent father. This aversion intensifies after the father kills Tilak's mother and his only sister. Although the remorseful father commits suicide, Tilak's hatred for him fails to disappear. When Tilak meets Maggie, an English woman who hates her ex-lover for having abandoned her, they realise that what they both have in common is a certain lurking anger which neither, despite their efforts, has been able to shed. On Maggie's suggestion, they go to Kandy and live at The Ashram of Master Anura. Under the guidance of the Master, who offers free accommodation and teaches them the art of self-inquiry, the couple start probing into their minds. After many struggles they manage to transcend anger, which is also the root of all conflict and war. This entertaining novel is more than a mere account of life in an exciting tropical island for it deals with the nitty-gritty of meditation"--back cover.